Autonomous 3PL

Offer free 2-day or less delivery using Nimble — the robotic 3PL.



Labor needed for picking

Intelligent AI-powered robots handle millions of objects to autonomously fulfill ecommerce orders.


Possible Click to Deliver cost savings

Savings from robotics, reduced warehouse size, distributed and optimized multi-node inventory placement, and intelligent last-mile carrier network.


investment required to leverage Robotic Fulfillment

Nimble levels the playing field giving young high-growth brands to iconic enterprise retailers access to state-of-art robotics.


1-2 Day Population Coverage using ground

By leveraging our national network of robotic fulfillment centers, DTC brands can reach the US population fast and cost-effectively via economical ground transportation.

Customers. Trusted by Iconic Brands

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Robotic Fulfillment

Use fast, cost-effective robotic fulfillment centers powered by Nimble's next-gen AI.
Pick, pack and ship on Autopilot.

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Leverage Nimble's network of last-mile carriers and freight partners to optimize speed, sustainability and cost from factory floor to customer door.

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Cloud Logistics

Optimize warehouse locations, inventory placement, transportation strategies, and end-to-end logistics using Nimble cloud intelligence tools.

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Robotic Fulfillment
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Cloud Logistics

Next-Gen Robotic Fulfillment


Got the need for speed?

  • Fulfill orders in minutes

    Orders in before 2 pm ship same-day
  • Thousands of Picks per hour

    Consistent, high throughput
  • Real-time visibility

    View and control inventory, orders, and more online
  • Next-Day Delivery

    In some of the largest US cities
  • Frictionless integration

    Onboard in days, not months


From 0 to 100, real quick.

  • Instantly Flex Volume Up/Down

    Sales fluctuations handled by turning robots on/off
  • Enable Growth

    Grow by 20% or 200% without changing buildings or adding people
  • Add more nodes

    Start with 1 or more nodes. Add more at any time
  • On-Demand Cost Structure

    No overhead or fixed costs. Pay for only what is used.


Robots that work smarter (and harder)

  • Optimized inventory placement

    Distribute inventory closer to customers
  • AI-powered robotic pick & pack

    Continuously learns to handle any SKU
  • Dynamic inventory slotting

    Continuously reshuffle fast movers
  • Cloud supply chain

    Control and visualize your supply chain all on 1 platform
  • Intelligent transportation

    Select the optimal carrier for every package


Green, from the ground up.

  • All-electric robots

    Each robot uses less power than a vacuum
  • reduce warehouse carbon footprint

    Less space, people, lights and utilities
  • Reduce transportation emissions

    Travel fewer miles from local FCs, burn less fuel
  • High order accuracy, Fewer Returns

    Minimize waste due to errors
  • Recycled and compostable packaging

    Green, reusable materials


The robots are always picking.

  • No single point of failure

    Robot redundancy ensures high system uptime
  • Ensure Business Continuity

    Robots can work 24/7/365
  • Forecastable Costs

    Robots are not impacted by inflation
  • Less dependency on Labor

    Mitigate risks due to labor shortage of 500,000 workers
  • High Inventory Accuracy

    Closed access robotic storage & automated cycle counts

Select Fulfillment Centers. Reach 99% in 1-2 Days.

Future Fulfillment Location
Chicago, IL
2-hr radius population
15.6 million
Launch Timeline
2024 - 2025
San Francisco Bay area, CA
2-hr radius population
12.9 million
Distance to SFO airport
10 min
Future 321 Fulfillment Location
Tijuana, Mexico
2-hr radius population
23.1 million
Launch Timeline
Q1 2024
Dallas, TX
2-hr radius population
10.1 million
Distance to DFW airport
30 min
Future Fulfillment Location
Atlanta, GA
2-hr radius population
10.9 million
Launch Timeline
2024 - 2025
Trenton, NJ
2-hr radius population
35.8 million people
Distance to EWR airport
45 min

Percent of the population


in 1 day


in 2 days

savings on transportation





Nimble's AI technology has picked, packed and handled millions of items across apparel, health and beauty, footwear, electronics, consumer packaged goods, general merchandise, pharmaceuticals and more for iconic fortune 500 companies to newly launched high-growth brands.


with $100M+
in Sales


Number of
SKus handled

Brand Incubator Program

Launch or scale your high-growth brand with the first robotic 3PL. Unlike traditional 3PL providers, we don't require any upfront investment to leverage state-of-art automation.

2-day badging

Faster delivery leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction. On average, eCommerce cart conversion increases by 32% with 2-day shipping.

No long-term commitments

We let our robots sell themselves. Launch with our pilot program with a fraction of your volume and no-penalty out clauses.

Free integrations

We have plug-and-play integrations with Shopify, Netsuite, Skubana and other top eCommerce platforms. Our company is composed of 75% engineers – we're willing and able to offload all the tech support and effort from you.

No upfront investment

Leverage the most efficient robotic fulfillment systems without any cap-ex investments. The ROI starts on Day 1.


Our robotics systems are designed to pick, pack and autonomously handle any product that fits into a bin. SKUs that don't fit into a bin are picked the old-school way –manually.



Health & Beauty



Automate picking from a goods-to-person system. Retro-fit existing pick station or incorporate in greenfield warehouse. We’re not in this to do what’s

Automate picking from a goods-to-person system. Retro-fit existing pick station or incorporate in greenfield warehouse. We’re not in this to do what’s

World-class team in Robotics & Logistics

Our team unites robotics icons who invented self-driving cars with Amazon executives who scaled Amazon Logistics, to invent a robotic 3PL.

Stanford PhD Dropout, Carnegie Mellon M.S. Robotics, NASA JPL Robotics Engineer

Simon Kalouche

Founder & CEO

Simon is the founder and CEO of Nimble. Since 2017, he has been engineering intelligent next-generation robotic fulfillment systems. Prior to Nimble, Simon was a PhD student in AI at Stanford and a M.S. graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute. Simon previously developed a dynamic legged robot for the Department of Defense, an International Space Station robot for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and an autonomous off-road vehicle for the Air Force Research Lab.

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Founder and Chairman of Boston Dynamics, Executive Director of the Boston Dynamics AI Institute, and formerly professor at MIT and Carnegie Mellon.

Marc Raibert

Board Director

Marc brings to Nimble more than three decades of experience in research, development and commercialization of advanced robotics. After founding Boston Dynamics in 1992 as a spin-out from MIT, he led the company to become a global leader in robotics, creating cutting-edge systems such as BigDog, Atlas, Handle and commercialized robots Spot and Stretch.

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White House AI Task Force. Formerly the Chief Scientist of AI at Google, Director of Stanford's AI Lab, Board Director at Twitter.

Fei-Fei Li

Board director

Dr. Fei-Fei Li is the Co-Director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute and currently a member of the newly established National AI Research Resource task force (NAIRR) by the White House OSTP. She served as the Director of Stanford’s AI Lab from 2013 to 2018 and as Vice President and Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google. Dr. Li is the inventor of ImageNet and the ImageNet Challenge, a critical large-scale dataset and benchmarking effort that catalyzed the development of deep learning and AI.

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Founder of GoogleX/Waymo. Founder of Kitty Hawk & Udacity. Stanford Professor considered "Father of autonomous vehicles"

Sebastian Thrun

Board director

Dr. Sebastian Thrun is the founder of Google X and Waymo (Google's autonomous vehicle spin-off), the Chairman and co-founder of Udacity, the CEO of KittyHawk and former Director of Stanford's AI lab. Sebastian lead Stanford's autonomous vehicle team to win the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and is commonly considered the "father of self-driving cars".

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Director of Finance and Business Operations (CFO) for Tesla Energy, Investment Banking Citigroup

Kevin Shiau


Kevin was the first finance hire for Tesla Energy, a small pre-revenue business unit within Tesla in 2015, and rose to serve as the business unit's effective CFO since 2020, reporting to Tesla CFO and leading weekly discussions with Elon. Kevin led finance and operations to achieve annualized $6B revenue and $1B profit. Prior to Tesla Kevin was an investment banker at Citi and Merrill Lynch. Kevin holds a B.S. in Economics from Princeton and a MBA from Wharton.

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VP of Operations NFI, GM Fulfillment Centers, MBA Pepperdine

Melissa Curry

VP Fulfillment Operations

Prior to joining Nimble, Melissa served as VP of Operations for NFI, one of the world's largest 3PLs, where she ran PUMA's North America fulfillment. In her 11 years at NFI she designed, launched and managed eCommerce and omni-channel operations for the two largest AutoStore fulfillment centers in North America.

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