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Luxury Leather Leverages Robotic Fulfillment

May 29, 2024
MAISON de SABRÉ Partners with Nimble to Scale Operations

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES and SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 29, 2024 – Today, MAISON de SABRÉ announced its partnership with Nimble, a next-gen 3PL, to revolutionize its logistics with fully autonomous fulfillment. The luxury leather brand’s e-commerce orders are now picked by AI robots in Nimble’s fulfillment centers, before being packed and delivered to customers across the U.S.

MAISON de SABRÉ is transforming the luxury goods industry with its high-quality, innovative leather goods known for their timeless design, functional elegance, and eco-conscious materials. In 2017, Omar and Zane Sabré pivoted from their shared background in dentistry to launch the brand, which has since scaled exponentially. MAISON de SABRÉ is on a path to building a billion-dollar business and has gained favor with various celebrities, including Millie Bobby Brown and BLACKPINK.

Nimble helps MAISON de SABRÉ reduce fulfillment costs and offer 2-day shipping to customers. “People want faster delivery and more sustainable options at lower costs,” said Simon Kalouche, Nimble’s Founder and CEO. Nimble’s state-of-the-art warehouses reduce the space needed by up to 4X and the labor needed by up to 8X.

After a successful partner launch, MAISON de SABRÉ looks forward to continuing to scale its operations this year. “I’d like to thank the entire Nimble team for their efforts in ensuring the seamless execution of the onboarding and go-live processes,” said Jash Dillon, Head of Operations at MAISON de SABRÉ. “Having spent nearly two weeks at the Nimble warehouse, I’m truly impressed by the operations and the dedication of everyone involved.”


In the pursuit of modern elegance, MAISON de SABRÉ reimagines the tradition of luxury leather. Crafted by the world’s finest artisans, our collections defy the expected, setting new standards in luxury. Each piece combines full-grain leather with age-old craftsmanship, achieving unparalleled quality. Our designs are marked by sleek lines, functional elegance, and a timeless aesthetic that paves the way for the future of fashion.

About Nimble

Nimble is a next-gen robotic 3PL. We specialize in fully autonomous e-commerce fulfillment to provide industry-best SLAs at industry-low costs per unit. Nimble’s AI technology has picked, packed, and handled millions of items across apparel, health & beauty, footwear, electronics, consumer packaged goods, and more for iconic Fortune 500 companies and high-growth brands. Our network of robotic warehouses and transportation solutions saves companies up to 40% in total logistics costs while enabling free 2-day delivery for their customers. Founded from the AI labs at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon, Nimble’s notable board members include AI luminaries Fei-Fei Li, Sebastian Thrun, and Marc Raibert.

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